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Web Design Company South Africa

How we do it

The first step in the development and promotion of your site begins when we understand what you want to accomplish online and have determined your target market needs. We suggest ways to entice visitors to your site, thereby increasing repeat traffic.

The Process - establishing your needs!
  • What your goals are.
  • Who your audience is.
  • Find a design that suits you, eg. - corporate website layout, casual, formal, humerous ...
  • Fact gathering - 'the written message' - Incorporating compelling and pursuasive content is the ticket to the success of your Website.
Search Engines

Our vast knowledge of the ever increasing demands made by Search Engines provide the essential skill of developing a fully compliant and search engine friendly website. We will submit your site to all the top search engines. Search engines utilise indexing software often called "spiders", which are programmed to constantly crawl the web in search of new or updated pages. But how do these search engines find your site as apposed to those of your competitors? Aha ...... that is where we come in ...... understanding the strict requirements of Google and the ever changing algorithm's allow us to put you in a better position to compete with your competitors!


We will submit your site with the Directories, which differ from search engines as they do not make use of indexing software agents. They list all the various URL's in different categories.

Remember, that more than two million sites are competing for the same 40 million sets of eyeballs (Netcraft Survey)!!!


The promotion of your site includes not only submitting it to search engines and directories as mentioned above but also through ......

  • E-mail - this remains the best and fastest way of keeping your customers informed and up to date!
  • Advertise, advertise and advertise! Costly, but enormously effective.
  • Updating your site regularly - keep your pages fresh!
  • Make it fast - fat fancy sites are Web death - less is more!!

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